Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm back.

A lot has happened to our familiy scince I last posted. We met my parents in Florida and spent five days at Disney World. It was a blast. Carson asked if we could go to Mickey's house for several months after we got back. Then of course Christmas. I did put pictures up of that. This is the second Christmas we have spent away from family. It is relaxing but sad at the same time. We had dinner with friends and the kids enjoyed there gifts. We had three birthdays in early spring. Austin turned eight and was baptized. My parents, sister and nephews came for the special event. We went to the Georgia Aquarium while they were here and just enjoyed seeing each other and seeing how big the kids have gotten. Carson turned three and for his birthday we were in Chattanooga with Mark's parents. We went to Ruby falls and to Rock city. We also enjoyed an little train ride. We also celebrated Easter up there. Marks mom would hide the empty easter eggs and then the kids would look for them and not even care that nothing was inside them it was just the thrill of the hunt. I think my kids could have entertained themselves for hours like that. Preston turned five and we just stayed at home and celebrated with friends. Thanks to everyone whosent presents for the boys it was special for them to get gifts in the mail. Kylee had to have braces put back on. This time it is top and bottom. Her bottom jaw is under developed and we will be going to the orthodontist for the next few years trying to get that taken carre of. She is going to need some skin grafts for her gums because they rub funny on her bottom lip and we are hoping the herbst appliance will take care of the jaw so surgery is not required. I also finally got Carson potty trained. I was worried it would take forever but with a little help from Mark we did it over a weekend. The trick was to let him pee in the bushes.
School went well this year. I can hardly believe it is time for summer but it is. Kylee graduated from fifth grade and I am finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that she will be in middle school. She has grown so fast and I miss all of the little things, but I know that many new and exciting things are on there way. She was on the honor roll for all four semesters and three of those four she had straight A's. Her math grade dropped a little so she had a B(89.7%) in the thrid semester but she brought it back up to an A for the end of the school year. We are very proud of all the acomplishments she has achieved. Austin was straight A's all four semesters and his teacher said he was very nice and quiet at school. I want to know if there is a magic dust that makes kids behave at school because the minute they get home they are crazy. Austin also recieved the Citizen award for his class. Preston finished Pre-K. We were worried for the first little while that we might have a drop out but he toughed it out and really enjoyed it. Carson is just happy to have his sibblings home for the summer. Now it is not just boring old mom. I think that about catches you up to date. We are planning a Utah trip at the end of June first of July time period. Then I am trying to talk Mark into letting Kylee and I go to Washington to friends. Preston is having his tonsils out in July also so we will be busy. I will post all the pictures in a slide show so you can enjoy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday, Pumpkin Patch, Split eyebrow and Decorations

A few weeks ago we had a wild and crazy day. The little girl up the road turned three and we went to her party. It was a lot of fun. She had a jumping princess castle and the back yard had princess pictures every where. They even had real ponies. The kids had so much fun. They ended up with so much food that they invited us back for dinner. After we helped clean up Preston had a bowling party to go to. So Mark took Preston and Austin to the bowling party and my friend and I decided to go to what is the best pumpkin patch in Columbus area. I thought it was going to be the kind of pumpkin patch that you go out in the field and pick your pumpkin. That was not the case. The pumpkins were already picked. All you do is walk around and pick what pumpkin you want.
I found an awesome one. Picked it up and the price was twenty dollars. For a pumpkin. Are you kidding me?

In the end we did end up with four small pumpkins, and two corn stalks.
There was a little hay ride that started and ended at a really cool spider.

After we were done with the Pumpkin Patch we went back to our friends to help eat the left overs. After we got done eating we were sitting on thier couches talking and of course my boys are being wild and crazy. One thing leads to another and Preston and Carson run towards Mark. Preston pushes Carson and he fell and hit his head in the one spot on their couches that was not padded. I picked him up and rolled him over and sure enough he had busted his eyebrow. My friend and her husband are asking if we need to take him to the ER. If any of you have spent endless hours at the ER you know the answer to this question is NO. I had some of the glue they use instead of stitches so I run home and grab it and we just glued the sucker shut.

It has healed really good. We had to cut his eyebrow to get the glue out but because his eybrows are so blonde you can't tell he is missing one.
The next morning we decorated for halloween. I tied the cornstalks to my pillars out front. My friend got me two hay bails from her dad, and Mark made me a scarecrow. I thought it was pretty darn cute. We took three of the small pumpkins we had gotten from the pumpkin patch and made them into bats. I got this idea out of the family fun magazine.


I have been listening to the soundtrack to the broadway show Wicked. I love it. So I get this grand idea to have everone dress up like a character from the movie Wizard of Oz. Kylee said she would be the witch so great thats one down. Austin wants to be a scarecrow . Great two down. Carson wants to be a lion. Yes three down. I figured I would be Dorothy and Mark could be the wizard of oz. Now for Preston. We told him he was going to be a tin man for halloween. He did not want to be that he wanted to be a police man, as he calls it, I was having none of that. We were dressing up as the Wizard of Oz, people. Preston is only four surely I will win this battle. NOT. In the end Kylee was a witch but a sparkle witch. Austin was a cute scarecrow. Carson made the perfect lion. Preston, well he did make a pretty cute cop.

On Halloween night we had a neighborhood had ride it was a blast. We loaded the kids up on the trailer, which was covered with bales of hay, and then we drove them to the neighborhood down the road. They got to go to quite a few houses before it started to rain. Mark abandoned me to go get the pizzas for the party after wards so my friend helped me with my kids. Actually it was just with Carson because he was to cute to stay away from. I am not sure what is up with Austin's hand signal.

One of the families got a guy from work to come and take pictures of the kids while trick or treating. He did a great job there is one picture of Carson. He is standing by a scarecrow and if you look at his face he is growling.

After we were done in the neighborhood down the street we came back to our neighborhood and had a party. We had pizza. The kids bobbed for apples and played pin the tail on the black cat. We bought down the fire pit and the kids roasted marshmellows and had smores. We did forget to light our pumpkins until we were done for the night so we lite the once so the kids could see them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Georgia Fun

This past few weeks have been a busy one. When we had the house built we had a long hall way that went from the garage to the powder room. We had them add a bench with storage under it. When we moved in the space still seemed empty so I made Mark get to work a couple of weekends ago. He built some awesome shelves to go above it. I think he did a really good job, don't you?

I also had to do something that I have a really hard time doing which was let Mark have Carsons hair cut. I think he has perfect beach hair so I have kept it shaggy. Preston decided Carson needed a hair cut so he found some scissors and cut some off the top. Mark had to take him in to get it fixed. Here are some before and after pics.

This month I also decided I would start sewing. I ordered a bunch of fabric from I am planning on making a picnic blanket but I decided to make a apron first.

This was suppose to be for the little girl up the road. Her birthday is this weekend but I found her the cutest little tutu and barett in the Georgia colors at the Cotton pickin fair in Gay, Georgia. So I gave this to Kylee. She loves it. I got the pattern from a blog a friend sent me. It has a little chefs hat to go with it but Kylee just wanted the apron. Now all the boys want me to make them one. I am going to do theirs in Camo. I think it turned out really good considering it is the first thing I have sewn scince Kylee was about two. This just about covers the little projects that are going on in our house for now. Next month Mark is planning on building up the area where the swing set is going to go, so I will make sure I post pictures of him working hard. He is really checking off that Honey do list.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well I know this is kind of back peddeling but I wanted to update everyone on our summer. This summer a lot of fun things happened. First we spent many great days with great friends at Sea World seeing the animals and enjoying the cool and refreshing water park. Next we got to go spend a weekend with the same great friends at the beach down in Corpus Cristi. We had a blast. We sunscreened the kids really good but most of the Adults got really toasted. The Sunday we were there we decided not to swim and to take a ride out to Mustang Island. At Mustang Island there are two levys (not sure if I spelled that right) they are far enough apart that you can play in this area but close enough together that the under current is horrible. We were all walking on the beach when I turned around and saw Mark running into the water clothes on and all. My first instict is that one of my kids have gotten pulled out so I did a quick head count and realized it was someone elses child. The mom was swimming out to get the little boy but you could tell she was getting tired so my husband went out and helped this lady and her little boy get out of the water. It was kinda scary. I always knew my husband was a hero. Our friend now calls Mark a god and says he is not worthy to be in his presence.
Our next big journey was our trip to Utah where my baby brother got marrried. We were really excited to be able to join them for this occasion. Had they decided to wait another few months we would not have all been able to come. We really love his wife she was already a part of the family but now they made it official so I guess we are stuck with her. J/K Amanda you know we love you. The kids had a blast in Utah we pulled the trailer out to Burston's pond and camped one night. Then my dad came out and cooked in the dutch oven which is always a must when we are there. We roasted marshmallows at my parents house in there fire pit. The kids had a blast playing with the cousins. We also went boating. My brother-in-law- took his families boat out to Yuba. He hooked up the tube and pulled the kids around and then it was the Adults turn. The knee board was a blast. It took several attempts from me before I finally got up but in the end I did it. I was so pround of myself and my arms were sore the next day.
After we got back from Utah we had to say goodbye to some friends who move to Washington. We knew it was coming so I thought I was prepared but as they pulled away I lost it. I had another friend at the house so we cried together knowing we would have to do it all ove again in two weeks when I left. Kylee had a hard time also my friend had two girls that Kylee spent a lot of time with.
I then celebrated my birthday. I turned the big 30. It was not bad. I thought it would be hard but it was just another day. I was probably to busy to worry about it.
Next came our move. The packers came and packed the house. They had it scheduled for a three day back but they were done in one and a half. We had to spend a weekend with all of our stuff packed up. It is really hard to explain to a two year old why he can't have his things. The loaders came and loaded us up eveything went smooth. Then we had to clean the house. The housing office is suppose to be really picky so we cleaned into the wee hours. Mark ended up staying longer then the kids and I he didn't get back to the hotel until two in the morning. Then he went back for the inspection the next moring at eight. They didn't look at anything. They walked in said it looked good and walked out. THe one lady was scared of basements so they didn't even go down in the basement. When Mark told me that I was mad that we had wasted all that time but what are you going to do? Next came the leaving part. drove over to afriends house to get the loading of the vehicles right and then we had to say goodbye. It was really difficult again. I cried while I was driving. What am I talking about I still cry when I here certain songs I had great friends in Texas and I know they will always be my friends.
That puts us to Georgia. We are loving it here in the house and the kids already have made some awesome friends. The little kids line up at the end of the culdesac. One rings our doorbell and when we answer they yell can the kids play. It is really cute. Up the road lives a family that have two older boys. One is in middle school and one is in Highschool. Thes boys love Preston. They think he is th coolest thing. He will do anything they try and they think that is cool. They have a bike ramp that all the kids jump. I had taken Preston't bike away from him because he wouldn't get on the school bus. Well Preston didn't need a bike he would run up it and then jump off and do some little trick in the air. I wish I would have gotten a picture.
We have met some really nice families that live in our neigborhood. They are all really nice and have been good friends. They came over to help us celebrate Kylee's birthday. We were just having cake and ice cream. I told them not to bring presents but every family showed up with one.
Mark and I built a fence that will hold in the kids. It was quite a project but it was a lot of fun. Mark and I work good together. I don't think we got in any fights. We had several people come out and give us a quote on building it and in the end we did it for half what they had quoted. Georgia doesn't get terribly hot but the humidity will kill you. We drank several containers of water and Mark ruined several T-shirts friom sweating. I was hoping I would lose weight but that didn't happen.
We love our house and once I get it put all together like I want it I will post some pictures. For now enjoy the slide show above. It has the pictures that go along with this blog.